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Things You Need To Know Before You Visit Australia

I’ve backpacked Australia and visited twice and I’m currently planning another trip for the end of next year, so I finally feel qualified to write this post!

We all paint a picture in our head of what a certain destination may be like, but many of those things are often stereotypes or myths. Some may be true to a certain extent, but some may be highly exaggerated, which I think is very much so the case when it comes to Oz!

Here are 5 useful things to know before you visit Australia.

10 useful things to know about australia before visit

1. You won’t always be wearing flip flops and shorts.

Believe it or not, it can get a little chilly in Australia even in the summer. You will still need to pack a raincoat, jumpers, cardigans and trousers. When it’s 40 degrees for weeks on end and then it suddenly drops to 25, you will feel the cold. Even if 25 degrees may feel very warm to you right now, it won’t be in Oz!


2. There’s not spiders and snakes everywhere you look.

This has got to be the most annoying thing people say to me when I tell them I’ve been to Australia. What frustrates me the most about this is when people tell me that they wouldn’t visit Australia because of the dangerous animals and insects. Yes, there are. Do you see them everywhere? No. In fact, I think I saw more spiders in my bedroom this summer than I did in Australia.


3. Australia is expensive, but can be done on a budget. 

Australia is an expensive country, so make sure you have enough savings for your visit. Australia can be done on a budget, though. Staying in hostels and cooking your own food rather than eating out is a great way to save some cash. The more cash you save the more money you have for more adventures and days out!


4. Your plans will change very quickly. 

Before I visited Australia, I made a plan of how long I wanted to stay in one area to the next. Lets just say, that plan went out the window in the first week. So much changes when you are actually there. You meet new people then realise you’re not ready to leave them yet. You fall in-love with Sydney beaches and end up relaxing for a further week or two. You meet an adventure lover and decide to go along with them to their next planned destination.

Australia has so many things to see and do, so make sure you don’t book things too far in advance (except during Christmas and New Year, where everything gets booked up very quickly) keeping your diary free will allow you to take last minute trips and if you don’t like somewhere as much as you thought you would, simply move on!


5. The internet sucks.

Free WIFI isn’t as common in Australia. Most hostels and hotels will charge you to use the internet and most of the time…it’s slow. I recommend getting a pre-paid sim card. Some of the most popular phone companies include Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.



Warning: The places you thought you would love more than ever, might not impress you that much. You will fall in-love with the hidden gems (if you go out there and find them) and you will not want to leave Australia’s beauty. 


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