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Things I’ve Realised Since Becoming A Reabelement Care Assistant

what i've learnt since becoming a care worker reablement care assistant

It’s 5:45AM, another day in the office. Except it’s not. It’s another day on the road – working in the community, driving from house to house to visit clients, to assist them with everyday tasks – enabling them to remain in their own homes.

To be honest? It’s a job I never thought I would do. It’s a job I never thought I could do. But I can. And I do it quite well too.

I’ve been doing this job now for as little as two months. After working in pubs since I was sixteen, pouring a pint and managing a pub is a totally different working life than working in the community and helping people.

Not only have I learnt a lot in my new role already, this job has opened my eyes and made me realise a few things about life too.


Life is short.

We all know this already. But when you work in care, you see a different side of life you never saw before. You work with people of all ages, some in which have had their lives changed forever in a split second. One day they’ll be living life as normal, the next day an emergency strikes. And it’s life changing.


The people you meet are inspiring.

I love hearing stories from my clients. No matter what their age is. I love hearing how life was in 1957, and I love to see how a 90 year old views the modern world. The people I meet inspire me everyday. One of my clients enjoys a teaspoon of honey in her tea, and now I have tried that too. It sounds stupid, but little things people do inspire you to try them too.


Not everyone has someone.

Not everyone has family. Not everyone has friends. Some people really do have nobody. We are so lucky to have someone who looks out for us, who loves us and cares for us. We are so lucky to have someone.


The morning is the most important part of the day.

I never was an early riser until I started working in care. Working pubs would mean mostly late finishes. Now I get to see the sunset. I get to experience the long mornings, where nobody is around. I get to drive on roads that are quiet. My mornings are productive, the feeling of knowing you’ve done a lot so early on in the day is so motivating. I now really do love mornings!


Do you work in a health and social care setting? What has your role taught taught you about life? Let me know in the comment box below!



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