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Things I No Longer Give A F*ck About

We are all guilty of focusing our time, energy and attention on all the wrong things. As my mind is slowly becoming more clearer maybe due to the sunshine? Or maybe it’s because I’m getting older, there are some things that I simply no longer give a fuck about.

Here are some things that I used to care way too much about, but no longer waste another precious minute anxiously thinking about.

Rewind back 6-12 months – some of the things I’m about to mention would be high on my priority list.

sophia bray things i no longer give a fuck about

Getting married.

I was engaged for 2 years and all I ever wanted was to get married young – to be one of those couples that could say they’ve been together since forever. Now I’m not engaged – marriage is the last thing I want to do. Sometimes things don’t work out how you once imagined, and being free is a better feeling than being tied down. I’m just not bothered about being married yet.


Saying goodbye to people that no longer serve me.

I used to be such a people pleaser, even if I didn’t really like someone I would always somehow make the effort to spend time with them, because I felt rude not to if they wanted to spend time with me. Now I just do whatever I want, if I no longer want to see someone – I don’t.

Planning a holiday often.

Yes, it’s no secret I love to travel. I would always be planning somewhere new – I still am. But, I’m learning not to step on a plane too often, as last year I travelled too much and felt as though I didn’t appreciate the experience as much as I should of. By the time I left Australia and flew to Spain 1 day after, I didn’t enjoy it. It was a life I was just used to – and I don’t want to feel like that. Travel is a luxury in itself, being able to travel the earth is amazing – which is why I don’t want to always feel like I’m ‘planning’ a new escape.

Having lots of friends.

I don’t have a large support network, I never really have. But this is something that used to really bother me. Now I’m learning that actually, a small circle is better. Having less friends who are really good friends is loads better than having a lot of friends who don’t treat you well.

Material items.

Last year I cleared out over half of my material items. When I got back from Australia, something hit me that when I was away I didn’t miss anything. That’s including clothes and other personal items. I was content with living out of a backpack. And, although I packed very little – I realised that I had still packed too much. So when I finished travelling I had a huge declutter and emptied over half of my wardrobe, even some sentimental items went in the charity box. I’m learning to live a more minimalist lifestyle, I no longer crave to buy the latest iPhone, or a new pair of shoes. And if I do decide to treat myself, I always get rid of something old first.

Social media.

I used to be such a social media geek. This year I deleted Facebook in return I hoped for a more productive life. Deleting Facebook and not scrolling everyday has definitely helped. I no longer waste time trying to take the perfect selfie, my morning routine no longer includes reading posts from the lives of others whom I no longer care about.

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Since I started using social media sites when I was 13, like many others out there I cared so much about my representation, what I looked like to others and what others thought about me. Now I only have Instagram, which I like to use as a photo diary for myself and for my benefit only. Before, I used to delete a picture if it didn’t get many likes, now I just don’t care if I get any at all.


I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have apologised when I wasn’t in the wrong. Or, when I’ve apologised for stupid things that I didn’t need to say sorry for. Life is too short, no time for that.

So there you have it, things I no longer care about. By letting go of these things that bring me down, I find that I no longer dwell in the past or obsessed over the future. Just let it be, do what makes you happy and make the most of life. After all, you only live once!

What do you no longer give a f*ck about? I’d love to know! Drop a line or two in the comment box below.


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