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The Future Of sophiabray.com

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have been away from blogging for just over a month. My full-time job has taken up most of my time recently, so I’m just about catching up the last couple of days.


I thought today I would share some plans with you on the future of this blog. A month away from it all has greeted me with some surprises. It seems that while I was less active, my blog traffic grew. And that wasn’t the only thing. Today I reached 47,000 monthly unique viewers over on my pinterest account!


So here’s what to expect…

sophia bray blogger


Guest Posts monthly

I’ve always loved having guest posts on my blog. During my time away I had a few people ask if they would be able to share a story or two on sophiabray.com and of course I said yes! My aim is to have a minimum of 1 guest post per month. If you’re interested in sharing a post – it is FREE to contribute. Drop me a line or two for more info!


Sponsored content

I have turned quite a lot of sponsored work down lately, because some companies I just didn’t see as a good fit for my style. Now I have a couple of things lined up for this year, which I am really excited to promote and write for.


Freebies for subscribers

At the moment I’m gathering a few different ideas of things I can send out to you – my subscribers for anniversaries, such as birthday’s and Christmas. Just as a little thank you for still being here.


Homeware related posts

I am already a ‘bit of everything’ blogger, but my love for homeware is rapidly growing. I can’t wait to share home related posts with you, my favourite buys from the month, more wish lists and definitely more recommendations!


Online store

I look forward to setting up my very own online store here on sophiabray.com! This has been in the making for a long time now and I am more inspired than ever to create it. Watch this space!




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