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On Travelling To The Same Place Twice

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Have you ever got back from an amazing trip and thought to yourself “I’d love to go there again?”

I have been to many places, had an amazing time and decided to book a flight and visit back again. Ever since I landed in New York City, I knew I’d be back a year later. When I left Sydney, I knew it wasn’t a goodbye. But what does it feel like the second time around?

Last year after returning home from Australia, I knew I would be heading back down under a few months later. Except, I never planned to return to Sydney. I wanted to, but I was worried. I knew it wouldn’t be the same. The friends I had made in Sydney 8 months before, had all moved on up the coast or had gone home. In my head I wanted to rewind and relive old memories, but of course I don’t have a time machine. All I have is my thoughts. I needed to accept that those days were good, but they were gone.


Nevertheless, I had one emotion running through my body, and that was excitement.

returning to the same place twice

When I returned back to Sydney and spent some time there, I felt like a ghost. Things just weren’t the same. I had the best time of my life in this city during Christmas and New Year 2017, yet just months after everything was so different. I tried to repeat activities that made me happy before, but of course things just aren’t as enjoyable the second time around.


I spent a lot of time in Sydney last year, it was a city that felt like home. It was a city I loved, made friends. It was the beginning of my east coast journey.

But you know what? In the spite of all that, I plan to return again. This time not alone. I worked a lot of things out in Sydney and learnt a lot about myself in the process. And because of that, something about it feels like home. I feel like I left a part of myself there, the old me. Although the new me is 100 times better – I do miss the old me too. 

I want to show my partner Sydney. But this time, I’m going to change my mindset. I’m not going to try and repeat old ground. I’m going to make new memories. Visit new places. Stay somewhere I’ve never stayed. Revisit the places I loved, and smile about all the fun times. Sydney I’m coming for you, for the third time in 2 years. January 2020.


Have you visited somewhere twice? How did it make you feel?


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