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Finding Out My Rabbit is Actually a Boy!

Hello bunny lovers! So as most of you might know I am the bunny mom of a 15 month old bunny Florida. We have had Florida for just over a year now, and a few weeks ago we finally decided it was time to get her fixed (spayed or neutered)

The story…

The pre-op was all sorted and the date for the operation was down in the diary. As my partner travelled to the vets with Florida, I was on my way to Manchester. He dropped Flo off at the vets for the day and was told to pick her up later that day. We were both nervous and was hoping nothing was going to go wrong…

About an hour into my train journey I received a phone call from my partner to say that the vets had called him to confirm that Florida was NOT a SHE and that SHE was in fact a HE! So in complete shock and surrounded by strangers on a rammed train to Piccadilly, we thought how on earth have we had Florida a year and have only just found this out?!

Turns out, his balls dropped as the anesthetic went in. The vet said that he must of had a traumatic experience before we had him. Which explains why he was such an awkward rabbit to begin with. When we first had him we couldn’t touch him for months, he was constantly petrified of our company. Of course it took time for him to love us but I feel awful knowing that something bad must of happened to him.


So anyway! That’s the story! Now I have to get used to saying ‘he’ rather than ‘she’ and ‘him’ instead of ‘her!’ Honestly it’s harder work than I imagined! Can’t really take him that seriously in the pink littertray either!


Has anyone else experienced this with their Bunny?


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