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My Next Home Spring Wishlist

Who else loves Next Home? I am so in-love with so many of their products that I thought I would share my wishlist to show you what I’m loving right now!


Here is my Next Home Spring wishlist!

1. Lloyd Sideboard

spring wishlist sophia brayAlthough expensive, I really love this sideboard. The fact it is simple yet has character makes it a nice addition in the home.


2. Geo Diamond Runner

I’m such a big fan of pattern rugs. This one would look great in a hallway. I plan on buying this soon though for the bedroom.


3. Bronx Ladder Shelf

sophia bray

These ladder shelves are perfect for showing off your plants and books! I really want one of these in the bathroom too, that’s if I had a big enough bathroom! Next also have other furniture to match in this collection.


4. Geo Diamond Rug

Anyone that knows me knows that mustard and aaaallllllll the yellow colours are my favourite, especially in spring/summer! I want this rug to replace my current rug under the sofa in the living room. The mustard and grey combo goes so well.


5. Edwin the Elephant Doorstop

This has got to be one of my favourite things in Next Home at the moment! I can’t say that I really need a doorstop, because most doors stay open nowadays right? Unless they’re fire doors. But this is something I really want to buy!


6. Face Framed Print

Face prints seem to be the ‘in’ thing right now, but currently I do not own one! I really like this one as it looks great on any wall.



7. Paperweave Storage Basket

I am obsessed with cute storage baskets. These ones have been on my wishlist for a while! I’d like them for the bathroom to neatly store towels.


8. Holborn Pink Chair

I’d like this chair for ideally the bedroom. It’s pretty in pink but I’m also obsessed with the mustard one as well. It’s soft velvet and stylist, cute for the  living room too.


9. Trailing Succulent Plant

I love this artificial plant! I do have a similar one from IKEA, but of course you can never have too many plants.



10. Digestive Treat Jar

sophia bray

Who ate all the biscuits? Probably me. How cute is this digestive biscuit tin? Disclaimer: Biscuits not included.


11. Giraffe Toilet Roll Holder

sophia bray

I have never seen anything like this before so I instantly fell in-love with this giraffe!



What are your Next Home spring favourites? Let me know in the comment box below!

All images are not my own. All images are from Next.co.uk

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