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How To Let Go Of Anxious Thoughts

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I’m all for positive thinking, but what do you do when an anxious thought creeps into your mind? And no matter what you do – you can’t shake it? How do you fight the unstoppable? 

You accept it.

You accept, that it can’t be changed – that is of course, if it is unchangeable.

Most of us spend too long trying to ‘forget’ the negative thoughts, but by doing this we only make matters worse. We are all guilty of this.

Instead, I’m learning to simply…let them go. Sounds easy right? 

Once we change our approach to the negative thoughts that flow through our mind, we are able to react to them better. Rather than trying to clear your mind of thoughts, we need to accept those thoughts without judging or dwelling on them. Realising this was a game change for me.

I’ve suffered with anxiety for around 5 years, but within the last year my anxiety levels have been at their worse. I tried a number of different things to help, some which were more useful than others.

We all go through periods in their lifetime that are stressful, which is why it is important that we find ways that work for us to destress and relax. Doing so will reduce our anxious thoughts.

Here are a few things that I do to release all my negative energy, day by day.


1. Monday morning yoga. 

I only do yoga once a week, which for me is enough. I begin my practice at the start of the week to boost my energy levels for the upcoming days. I only really enjoy yoga at my gym, but if for some reason I can’t make it to the gym on a Monday morning, I put on a Youtube video and have a little stretch on my lounge floor.

During my yoga session it gives me an opportunity to breath in the positive energy, and exhale any negative thoughts. After an hour has passed, I feel like I can start my week with a positive mindset.


2. Bath.

I love a nice hot bath, filled to the rim with bubbles. I enjoy a bath at nighttime and whenever I get a free house. I prefer taking one when nobody is in, to ensure I won’t get disturbed or hear downstairs conversations! Whilst relaxing I think about all positive and negative things in my life, decide if I can change them or not, make plans for the future and everything else in-between.


3. Go for a drive.

I love driving and even though I have only been driving for nearly 2 years now, I would be so lost without my little car. If I’m feeling stressed, I find taking a road trip or simply driving anywhere can really ease my mind.


4. Music.

I love to put my headphones in, sit back and relax. I find music can be very therapeutic. I use Spotify Premium, which puts playlists together just for me. I love how it puts together my most played songs each year. If I’m feeling down, I just put on some tunes that remind me of a more happier time. A summer playlist, or a long lost favourite album. Doing this reminds me that even thought right now life might not feel all that good, the grass is greener on the other side.


5. Working out.

It’s true what they say, exercising is good for your mental health. When I’ve had a good workout at the gym, I feel less anxious, more focused and my energy levels are raised. Somehow raising your heartbeat and having a bit of a sweat really helps release those anxious thoughts!


The main thing I’ve learnt in my anxiety journey, is to never try and ‘forget’. Take time out of your day to remember. Allocate 5 minutes in the morning to think of those things you are trying to ‘forget’. Once you do this, your day becomes much more clearer, your mind becomes much more focused, and the anxious thoughts that were once taking up the whole of your day, will just be thought of in the morning.


I hope something here in this post will help you let go…


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