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How to Find the Confidence to Travel Abroad Alone

Travelling abroad alone, particularly as a woman, can feel a little daunting if you’ve never done it before. When I first travelled solo to America I was more than ready for the trip. I wasn’t nervous or scared, I was 100% confident to step on the plane by myself. I was nothing but excited. However, there were a few things I did beforehand to get ready for it.

Looking back, one of the most important and beneficial things I did to prepare myself for solo travel abroad, was to first travel alone in my own country. If you’re not confident travelling in your home country, how are you ever going to feel comfortable doing it on foreign land, now?


So it might seem like an obvious one – but taking train rides city to city and driving down to London, Bournemouth and Canterbury did me the world of good. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of living. But most of all, it made me want to explore.


“There is caution and then there is fear. May you have the wisdom to know the difference.”



If you are a woman or a man and want to travel solo but don’t yet feel you have the confidence, I urge you to find excuses to travel somewhere you’ve never been before in your own country. I first stepped on a train by myself when I was 18 and I remember feeling petrified, not having a clue what I was doing. I was travelling to London to meet a friend living in Australia, and I remember the anxiety of getting on the wrong train, or worse, missing it completely. Somewhat 12 months later I was getting the train to London, Lancashire, Manchester, Newcastle and Liverpool by myself to see Take That concerts and visit potential universities. And that was it. Confidence restored. I was ready for the next adventure.



The reward is wonderful. Solo travel is such a brilliant experience and is different for everyone. There is one thing that solo travellers all have in common, though. We are never afraid to do something alone, and that is a skill in itself, that will continue to make us grow as human beings.

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