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How To Find a Hospitality Job in Australia (WHV)

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Do you have a Working Holiday Visa and plan on heading down under to earn some Australian Dollars? Here are my top tips to maximize your job offers. These tips are based on my previous experience and are aimed for a job in hospitality, but you may find this post useful for any role.

Visit bars and restaurants in person.

Hospitality jobs come and go very quickly, as most bars and restaurants employ temporary staff. In Australia I realized that employers do prefer you to hand your CV to them in person. It might seem a lot more long winded to do this than apply online, but actually you may find it offers you a head start and gives you opportunity to see where somewhere is like. You may visit somewhere and realize that actually you can’t imagine yourself working there.


Complete a RSA course.

If you know that you definitely want to work in hospitality when you arrive in Australia and have previous experience, you will need to apply for an RSA. (Responsible Service of Alcohol). You won’t be able to sell alcohol without completing the course. Depending on which state you work in, will adequate which RSA you require. Most states allow you to complete the course online, but some you may have to have face to face training.


Update your CV before you go

You’ll hear the word resume more in Australia than CV. Make sure you up date your resume as best as you can before you go. I found that adding a small, professional photograph of myself in the corner added a personal affect and made my resume more unique and made it stand out from the crowd. Keep your CV short and simple (no more than 2 pages) and list similar roles to the area you are applying for.


Apply for jobs online.

You may find websites such as Seek, Indeed and Gumtree useful. Gumtree is very popular for advertising jobs and I know a lot of people that have found some real good hospitality roles. But, beware of the scams.


Check hostel job boards and ask around!

If you are staying in a hostel, most of them have a job board. Also, most popular hostels have a bar and restaurant, so it’s always a good idea to ask where you’re staying.




I hope you find this post helpful, I myself have had the pleasure of job hunting down under. It’s easy enough to find a role if you have experience. Good luck!

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