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How To Bunny Proof Your Home

how to protect your home from a house rabbit sophia bray

I have had a house rabbit for almost a year now and wanted to share with you how I protect my home from damage and bunny nibbles. Also how I keep my bunny Florida safe too!

When I bought Florida I knew she would be housed inside, but little did I realise how much trouble she would get up to! My first ever rabbit didn’t bite anything or nibble (and always ended up having problems with his teeth as a result) so I wasn’t worried about allowing a rabbit into my home, for that reason.

Of course, I looked up things online but many things people were recommending just weren’t working for me.


Protecting cables/wires.

Recommended Online: Plastic Cable and wire tidy tubes

Outcome: My bunny just bit the plastic tube and if anything it made her want to bite the wires even more!

Alternative: Wooden boards – I use white wooded boards which were actually shelves at one point for my old table. I just place them against the wall in front of plugs I cannot hide – it works really well and it gives me reassurance that my bunny can’t find a way to get to them. It might look a bit unattractive but at least my bunny is safe, and the boards are hidden behind her cage anyway.

protectinh house from house bunny


Protecting walls/skirting boards.

Recommended Online: Sticking cardboard to the skirting boards.

Outcome: It didn’t stay sticky for very long and was hard to keep an eye on. It gave my bunny another reason to pull and bite at something.

Alternative: Black cage bars which I place behind the sofa (I also have a radiator behind the sofa too). Behind the sofa was always a worry for me when my bunny was free roam, because I can’t keep an eye on what she’s up to. She loves biting the skirting boards and because we live in rented accommodation, I have to be extra careful.

protecting home skirting boards from house rabbit

The bars are very tall and you can see them slightly above the sofa. What I do to resolve this is place a blanket across the top to hide them (shhhh, nobody will ever know)

I bought the large cage bars from Amazon for when my bunny plays outside or for when we go on holiday and my parents look after her. They have many purposes!
sophia bray house rabbit

So that is how I protect my home from my naughty little bun! We live in a small flat which is easy for me to hide wires behind furniture. Also, we own a large amount of white IKEA furniture which my bunny isn’t interested in biting. I do spray white vinegar on my dining table which prevents Flo from nibbling. I don’t leave any small objects around and I hoover everyday to prevent Flo from eating any foreign objects.


Let me know how you bunny proof your home? Drop me a comment below!

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