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How to Be More Productive

Productivity – what does it mean to you?

I would say I am quite a productive person. I like to be always on the move and love to plan pretty much anything and everything. But within the last 3-6 months I have found my productivity levels dropping. The thing is, I know exactly why my days are being less productive…

Here is a friendly reminder to myself and to you – how to maximize productivity!

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1.Get up early.

Studies show that those who get out of bed early are more productive. Try to rise between 5:00am and 6:30am. 

  • Set your alarm and do not press snooze
  • Aim to go to bed for a similar time each night – aiming for around 7-9 hours sleep
  • Eat breakfast and do not rush!


2. Write.

If you don’t already, write everything down in your diary. Plan things to do around your job. I found that writing things down and making a rule where I have to cross them out encouraged me to complete the task. All those crosses over ‘go to the gym’ made me feel very guilty and rubbish. So off I go!

  • Create ‘to do lists’ on the morning for that day
  • Plan weekly to do lists for bigger tasks


3. Delete social media and/or apps.

I used to love social media, but as I’m getting older I’ve realised more and more how much it kills productivity. I only use Instagram now. Also, I don’t click on it nowhere near as much as I used to. I found that putting apps such as Instagram in a folder away from my main home screen. That way, it’s not the first thing I see when I unlock my phone. I also deleted Facebook around a year ago, and only occasionally reactivate it to check out some of my travel photo’s.

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4. Keep your space tidy at all times.

I am such a big believer in ‘a cluttered space creates a cluttered mind.’ Keep your space tidy, whether that being your desk at work, your kitchen, your bedroom, everywhere! Tidy up as you go along and do not leave anything for the next day.

  • When you get undressed, put your clothes away straight away
  • Wash up as you go along

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5. Reduce your screen time.

If you have an iPhone, there’s such thing as being able to view your daily screen time. This for me was a big eye-opener to how much time I was spending on my phone. I don’t like to see my screen time for any more than 2 hours. Ideally, I aim for about an hour. To be honest though, most of my screen time accumulates from all the reading that I do!

  • Enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ before bedtime to avoid distractions



Are you a productive person? What tips do you have? Comment below! 🙂


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