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Exploring My Ancestry Through My DNA

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Genealogy and ancestry is such a high interest of mine, which is why I thought it was time to bring the history to the future of my blog!


In this post, I’m going to be sharing with you my 23AndMe results.


So a few years ago, I decided to spit in a tube and send it off to the 23AndMe lab for DNA testing. I got my results back within a short 6-8 weeks. 


When you create your account and 23AndMe upload your results to their website, there are a number of different things to learn about yourself and your history. Not only can you view ancestry reports, you can view health reports too.

In the health section you can view:

  • Health Predisposition – genetic factors that may influence your chances of developing certain health conditions.
  • Carrier Status – Learn whether you have specific genetic variants that may not affect your health, but could affect your children’s health.
  • Wellness –  how your DNA may affect your body’s response to diet, exercise, and sleep.
  • Traits – Explore the genetics behind your appearance and senses.

Remember, these reports are not a diagnoses.

My Ancestry results

I started to take another look at my ancestry results. 23AndMe are always updating profiles and add new information and findings often. My Ancestry was updated recently and showed me a more in-depth view of where my ancestors may of came from, according to my DNA.

Most importantly the only thing I’ve ever really known, is that my paternal great-grandparents were born in Italy. However, what did my DNA show?


MY DNA Ancestry results…

To be honest I expected to see a larger Italian percentage but instead was greeted with some surprisingly interesting results!

sophia bray ancestry results italian Scandinavia

Besides, I have traced my family tree back to the early 1700’s and so far my maternal side are still in Britain. The research continues….

Ready to order your kit?

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