DIY Indoor Rabbit Hutch Using IKEA HOL Furniture

Creating the perfect bunny home.

It was always my plan to make my bunny Florida free roam eventually, but with busy schedules and other commitments, I only really allowed her out of her cage when I was around. However, after taking a dosage of inspiration from @bunnymelv on Instagram, I decided it was time train Florida to be free roam.

After seeing Melvin & Bianca’s new little white home on Instagram, I instantly fell in-love with the idea. I purchased a coffee/storage table from IKEA and painted it white. I was going to just leave it as it was, but I thought that the white colour would look good with my other white IKEA furniture.


Creating the perfect hutch.

My first challenge was to find some white paint that was safe for pets. Florida bites pretty much anything, so I didn’t want her ingesting toxic paint. After looking online I finally found a paint that would be suitable for this project. I found a waterbased paint (not solvent) free from heavy metals and is low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and not creosote. I decided to purchase Wilko’s own brand “Wilko Colour” in chalk white. I bought the smallest one I could find as I knew I wouldn’t need much. The paint cost around £11 to buy.

I made a hole in one of the panels. I decided to only make one hole, which would face the lounge door (which we always keep closed anyway). If you have multiple buns, you might prefer to also make a hole on the front.

I put an old blanket down and some bin bags to protect the floor. It didn’t take me long to paint at all. I used a mini roller and a small brush for the legs. It took around 3 coats until it was perfectly white.



98 x 50 cm

pet safe free apaint wilkos

I then inserted Florida’s usual green corner littertray, tying it with string through the squares to ensure she doesn’t move it. Above I placed her usual hayrack, which I plan on replacing soon with a bigger one. I’ve seen that most people are using a storage rack from IKEA which is only £3 and is also much cheaper than hay racks that you find in pet stores. Plus, the large hooks are more ideal for the wooden cage.

At the base of the hutch, I decided to use a door mat which was soft, not spiky. It was basically a thin layer of carpet which was perfect.




IKEA OBSERVATÖR clip-on basket


I also purchased a cheap small rug to put outside of the hutch, just to catch any hay that Florida brings out with her and to place her water bowl.

IKEA TÖRSLEV rug, flatwoven Easy to vacuum thanks to its flat surface.



Next to the hutch, I have a little bed which I think most rabbit owners now have purchased! It’s actually just a children’s doll’s bed also from IKEA of course! I painted it white also to match her hutch and found a cheap grey blanket to put on top for extra comfort. To be honest, my bun sleeps under it more than she sleeps on top of it. But hey ho, it’s cute!

IKEA DUKTIG doll's bed with bedlinen set Encourages make-believe play.

DUKTIG – £16


Next, we have the cheapest throw I could find in IKEA. I didn’t want to buy anything too expensive as I know eventually Florida will ruin it. So I found a £1.50 grey blanket! What a bargain. It’s actually so soft and cuddly, for a while I was using it myself before I gave it to her! Also it’s machine washable so you can throw it in the washer when it gets dirty.

IKEA VITMOSSA throw The fleece throw feels soft against your skin and can be machine washed.

VITMOSSA – £1.50

Florida is happy with her new hutch and is enjoying having more space.

I hope this post was helpful!


Thank you so much to @bunnymelv for the daily inspiration and for promoting cage free bunnies.

Check out the hashtag #IKEABUNNYHOL on Instagram to see how other bun’s are living.

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