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Camel Ride in Alice Springs at Sunset

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Admittedly, a camel ride hasn’t always been on my bucket list. And to be honest, when I arrived in Australia I didn’t even have the knowledge to know that camels even existed down under. But since deciding to spend 2 weeks in the outback, I was constantly told by fellow travellers that a camel ride is a “must do” in Alice Springs.

I decided to book with a company called Pyndan Camel Tracks, and with excellent reviews I was excited for a new and unique experience. I opted for a sunset ride as I figured it would be a great way to reflect and end the day.

The ride cost around $89 but is around $49 for under 14’s.

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An experience of a lifetime, one I will never forget.

The experience.

I was picked up by James from outside my accommodation around 30 minutes before the tour started. With around a 10 minute drive we arrived at the tracks. We had a quick rundown of what was going to happen and what was to be expected from our camel.

I was nervous to begin with as I have never even been on a horse, let alone a camel! We were all given continuous reassurance and the group leaders made sure we were all okay.

There were all sorts of people in my group. Families, couples and singles (like me) and surprisingly, most were Aussies exploring the outback.

As we went around the tracks, our tour leader answered any questions that we had about the camels and told us all sorts about the outback and what it has to offer.

As it started to get dark, we spotted other wildlife and the group started to silence as we prepared for sunset.

We stopped half way to admire the view and to have photo’s.

I was lucky enough to have such a lovely camel named Pixie and had an incredible 1 hour ride!

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The best seat for sunset 🌅

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This is a must do for anyone visiting Alice Springs and is definitely in the top 5 of my favourite experiences in Australia!


Book your camel ride in Alice Springs here!
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