sophia bray about me stourbridge

I’m Sophia, I’m 23 and I live near Birmingham, England.

I’m currently obsessing over yoga, fruit tea’s, pink gin, candles and cute little plants. I live alone with my bunny Florida.

 I work as a Chef full time and write for this blog in my spare time.


I have a love for travelling and struggle to keep my feet in one place.

Always planning something new.

Flat white over anything.

Bossy boots.

About the blog

I recreated this website in 2018, after accidentally losing all content on my last one. I hope you find something useful here to take away with you, whether that be a message, thought or idea.

My last blog was focused on adventure and travel, but now I write a bit about everything. From personal rants & ramblings to organisation tips – I just write a bit about everything!

I am so excited to have you here!