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A Busy June Update

Hello everyone! As you may or may not of noticed, I haven’t been writing as much recently. It’s been over a year since I felt this busy! Although it is a good thing for me to keep on moving, I feel like I’m falling behind with my hobbies and interests (i.e this blog, fitness, me time) but I know that by August everything will feel back to normal.

sophia bray

So, what’s new?

To be honest, nothing exciting has happened (yet!) 

I have been working a lot and just feel completely ready for some time off! Its been 8 months now since I had a single day booked off, so I am more than ready for a well earned break. I am off to Gran Canaria for 10 nights next week, which will be my first holiday in 2 years which is a long long time for me! No doubt they’ll be some holiday related blog posts coming soon!

I’m currently planning some more adventures for the end of this year/January 2020.

My 92 year old Nan has been very poorly so I feel like most of my spare time has been sorting things out with her and helping her, which of course I’m more than happy to do.

I have decided on what university course I would like to study next year, so when I get back from holiday I’m starting that UCAS application asap! 

This month my rabbit Florida moved outside for the summer. I miss him being around but I still visit him everyday. It was just easier for while we go on holiday, and to be honest it’s been great to have a good nights sleep!


So that is all really, nothing exciting or interesting to share. Just a big hello to you all – I am still alive and still here! I will be back writing often soon so watch this space!


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