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5 Positive Things #5 – October

 October is almost over! It’s by far one of my favourite months of the year! I have to say that this month has been a bit up and down, but lots of exciting things have taken place!



On the 21st October my nephew Archie was christened. It was a great day and one to remember! He was really good the whole day and it was good to see my family in one room smiling and celebrating, which doesn’t happen very often!


Well some people may call me organised or barking mad….but I have officially written all my Christmas cards and even put my Christmas tree up already! The last couple of Christmas’s I have been away from home, so this year I really wanted to make up for those Christmas’s which I haven’t really celebrated. It’s always good to finally know that I can spend the day with family (by that I mean my 91 year old Nan!)


This month I’ve been more active on my blog and have had an increase in my traffic! I reached my highest amount of views ever on a post all about my bunny’s new housing! (Which I totally did not see coming!) the post has been seen all over the globe which I am so happy about!

New candles.

Fact: Candles make me happy.

I bought two new Yankee candles this month. I decided to go for the Clean Cotton and the Cosy Up Reconfort which I’ve had before and is definitely one of my favourite candles! I was never allowed to light candles when I live at home so you could say that I am making up for lost time!


I took another trip to Bournemouth for two nights this month. I only visited recently in August, but another road trip was calling and it’s one of my favourite cities in the country – so you don’t really need a reason to visit again right?


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