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5 Positive Things #3 – August

There sure has been a few changes in my life this month! Whilst some of these changes have been somewhat difficult to comprehend, I already am starting to feel more positive about the future. 

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Turning 23 years old.

On the 19th August it was my birthday, I turned 23 years old! Although I didn’t really celebrate it on the day, I enjoyed a few days and nights out with friends during the week and had a good time!

Having more ‘me’ time.

This month I have focused on me me me and have started to like myself again. I let go of a toxic relationship this month and now I feel more at ease. I really enjoy to light some candles on a night time, play some of my favourite tunes and just relax! I’m also working less days and getting all my hours in over the weekend, so at the start of the week I can make plans to do whatever! Yippie!

Becoming a student again.

This week I applied for university for next year and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes it’s a year away, but I have been out of education for 4 years now and I am looking forward to learning something new again. Plus, along with a new course to study comes a lot of new stationary to buy (which makes me really excited!)

Road trip.

I took a road trip by myself to Bournemouth, one of my favourite cities. I hadn’t visited in over 7 years, so it was so good to visit back! Typically however it rained the whole weekend, but I still enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, visiting the beach and exploring the city by foot. I did a lot of walking which was good to clear my head.

My new obsession with fruit infused water! (Not sponsored)

Well, I have always loved fruit tea’s.. But this month I discovered Twinning’s new infused tea bags which you just pop into your water bottle, give it a shake, leave it for a few minutes and drink! They are super tasty and sugar free too. The flavour I am currently hooked on is strawberry, watermelon & lime. I’m definitely drinking more water thanks to them! Link the link here to check out all the flavours.



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