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5 Positive Things #2 – July

I can’t quite get over how quickly this year is going. I think personally for me it feels like it’s going rapidly because I feel like I only really starting living again last month. By that, I mean I’ve had a really shitty year. But, thankfully – since starting a completely new career path I feel like a completely different person.


July has treated me well. There are so many things I’ve loved this month.

World cup.

I have really enjoyed the world cup vibes this year! There are not many things our country can agree on, but we do it well when it comes to our England team playing football. The vibes all around have been incredible, and it’s so good to see so many people cheering the team on and waving their flags. It doesn’t even matter that we didn’t win. We came together as a country and celebrated even when we lost.


The hot days of sunshine.

There’s nothing better than a nice hot day, but seriously how gorgeous has the weather been?! When the sun is out and the wind is warm, I feel like I can do so much more with my day. It instantly makes me happy and even though many of us British are now moaning it’s too hot – I don’t want summer to end! (We’ll be moaning when it cools down too, typical British behavior!)



July has been the first month since I was in college that I have felt like I have a routine. I only work mornings, so starting at 5:45AM and finishing at 14:00PM latest, is fantastic. I now can get up nice and early and not feel tired for doing so. I am finally looking after my body and I love getting home early with hours left until the day ends.


New clothes.

I treated myself to a few new items from ASOS this month. It’s very rare that I do, but thought I would reward myself for doing so well in my job this month.



I have been enjoying yoga more than ever. Monday mornings are my yoga days, it’s such a great way to start the day and it gives me a positive feeling for the rest of the week.


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