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12 Things

Hi guys! I’ve been a bit quite on the social media/blogging front, but have a load of ideas for posts which will be coming this month! My blog posts are also going to be available in audio very soon, but at the moment I am recovering from a chest infection so I’m waiting for that to pass!

Today I thought I would do a bit of a random post. I love reading bloggers “12 things” posts so thought I would have a little go at writing one myself! If you are unfamiliar with what it is, I basically write 12 things, whether they are thoughts, memories, stories, things I like, things I’m doing, you get the idea – anything!

sophia bray 12 things blog post

  1. This month I’m looking forward to Gary Barlow’s new book, A Better Me. I’m hoping to buy the audio version first as at the moment I’m totally loving listening to audio books while I’m cooking and cleaning!
  2. Last month I made it my mission to start planning my meals properly before I head to the supermarket. Not only do I not buy junk, I switched from Tesco to Aldi and have halved my shopping completely! So super happy with that!
  3. I’ve really got back into drinking tea again. I am more of a coffee in the morning girl, but since being ill I opted for peppermint tea instead of my usual coffee to help clear my nose. I guess now because it’s October also I am choosing cranberry and raspberry tea over anything too!
  4. I’m really considering a year in Bali and a year in New Zealand in the next few years.
  5. I’m taking a “career break” until after the new year, while I decide what I really want to do. Being in a job that I wasn’t really passionate about anymore was starting to really get me down. A blog post next week will explain all that has happened.
  6. I really want to go to university or study for a part time course at home. I just want to learn something new.
  7. This week I’m training my 7 month old bunny to be free roam! I bought a storage box called HOL from IKEA, cut a square from the side and have painted it white. Inspired by bunnymelv on Instagram, I decided my little Florida needs all the space in the world (when I say that, I mean the space of my very small flat) so I’ve been enjoying doing a bit of DIY! I can’t wait for her to be cage free at last. A blog post about this will be up soon too!
  8. My little Nephew Archie is growing up so quickly! I never thought I would love being an Auntie as much as I do! It feels like he has been here forever. He is getting Christened towards the end of this month so I am looking forward to that event.
  9. Recently I have been listening to a lot of music from my favourite years. 2015 was definitely one of the better years in my life so far. It’s mad how a 4 minute song can bring back so many memories.
  10. My anxiety has been at its worst the last couple of months. It seems that no matter how hard I try nothing ever improves. It feels like three steps forwards and four steps back. I’m hoping to start therapy towards the end of October which hopefully will help.
  11. At the moment I’ve been watching more TV. The Circle on Channel 4 has really been making me laugh. I’ve also just finished watching The Bodyguard which I thought was awesome! I’ve just started watching Strangers which makes Monday nights more entertaining!
  12. I took a trip to Clent Hills an evening last week. I desperately needed the fresh air! I really need to take advantage of nearby places.


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  1. Rachel
    8th October 2018 / 11:16 pm

    I love these ‘12 things’ posts! 😍
    It sounds like you are very ambitious but there seems to be something holding you back from chasing your dreams…
    Remember only you can change your life.
    Love your blog!

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